Mad Men

I'm sitting at the airport alone, as I often am, but for the first time in a long time I've finished a trip with a group of people.  And this was a great group of people.  The weekend in Vegas was filled with the normal Vegas festivities but also with a lot of laughs and very stylish men.  I was pleasantly surprised to find the boys had pre-planned their outfits for each night, bringing multiple pieces of luggage filled with ties, suits, vests, slacks and dress shoes.  As a woman, dressing up is definitely more fun when you're on the arm of a man buddy who's dressed to the "T".  Fun times! *Added bonus??  They enjoy having their pictures taken. Score!

stop & stare

I've been having some never ending weekends. camping, then a break up, then new york, then vegas, then slo. Now, I finally have a break, but I'm rewriting my thesis to send to my professor by tonight! Needless to say, I haven't had much sleep. And, I havent been able to finish my New York posts! While I was in Manhattan, I did a lot of people watching. Here some of my stalker photographer moments

i thought this girl had a cute outfit

they were having a real serious talk

tourists in central park

I sat across the way from this man and drew... it was sooo peaceful

I love that there were people out, walking around at this street fair. It was a beautiful day.

street performers!

that was my people - watching adventure