When I was in New York, I saw the cutest European families traveling around. Makes me want my own little vacationing family-minus the children- to travel with. I hope I have a hubby who will travel with me. BTW.. did I tell you I'm going on the Raddest Photo Trip Ever with Bobby and Lindsay Earle? I hope my future love buddy and I are like them.  They're super cute and adventurous.





So far.. this has been my unemployment extravaganza 2008-2009 - September in Hawaii - November in Shanghai & Beijing - March in Australia and New Zealand - April in Las Vegas and Utah - July in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas - September in New York & Texas - October in Seattle and New York - November in DC? - December in Thailand and Cambodia!

woot! Where is my man in shining travel gear?

image from my visit to Munich, Germany... originally posted here.

Day 026: San Diego Bound

120day026I am going on a little adventure. I am excited to go to San Diego for the first (technically second) time. I was 5 when I went the first time and don't remember any of it. Anyway, I have no idea what I'm going to do, but entrusting my friends to be the perfect tour guides. I'll be going to Disneyland, although it's in Anaheim, and the San Diego Zoo. Everything else is up in the air. I'm currently editing some engagement sessions as well as packing as well as watching "The Prince and Me". Woot for chick flicks. See you later!

stop & stare

I've been having some never ending weekends. camping, then a break up, then new york, then vegas, then slo. Now, I finally have a break, but I'm rewriting my thesis to send to my professor by tonight! Needless to say, I haven't had much sleep. And, I havent been able to finish my New York posts! While I was in Manhattan, I did a lot of people watching. Here some of my stalker photographer moments

i thought this girl had a cute outfit

they were having a real serious talk

tourists in central park

I sat across the way from this man and drew... it was sooo peaceful

I love that there were people out, walking around at this street fair. It was a beautiful day.

street performers!

that was my people - watching adventure