My school mascot was Rambo the Ram.  And Rambo freaked me out at every school rally.  (People dressed in animal costumes freaked me out.)  There's just something about these mascots that is creepy.  People "hide" inside the costume, and I have no idea who it is.  And even if I may know who it is... why would they want to run around in an animal costume?  Eeeeek.  Disneyland is a hard place to visit with all those Tiggers and bears and animals running around. Anyway, I'm happy to say.. Rambo no longer has that creepy stigma.  Thanks to this cute bulldog, Rambo!! (And thanks for his lovely mom and pop for hosting me!)

I'm ready

Life is filled with decisions.

No matter how I live my life or however large or small these decisions are, decisions are just a fact of life. And for me as an introvert, decisions mean a lot of thinking. I find myself thinking a lot. Contemplating what I want to do with my life or where my life is headed or trying to remember what I did yesterday that made me happy. Thoughts move through my mind, meandering, then racing forward, then veering one way then another, then drifting into another thought... These days it's hard to remember that person I used to be a year ago or a month ago... or even that girl I used to be in high school.   I've changed a lot since then.  I'm a grown up now.  Somehow I've arrived at this place in my life faced with decisions that only present day me can answer.... that only present day me should answer.

So now when I think of these decisions.. the small ones. Should I pack my flash on this trip or not? Do I wear this bright colored shirt under my dark sweater? the big ones... Should I invest in a new desktop or a new laptop? Where do I want my business to go?  I try not to let the fears or apprehension from the past prevent me from making wise decisions. Instead I focus on now.

There is always something to happy and/or thankful about, and sometimes in my decision-making I get so caught up in the act of deciding that I let opportunities pass me up... forgetting about the joys in the present. God is endlessly wonderful and relentless in bringing me to Him. It's a hard thing for me to remember. Something past me could never appreciate and something present me is learning to remember. He doesn't tell me to wait for the future or that I've missed my chance in the past. He tells me, "Meg, right now your life is awesome because you're on my team. We're going to conquer this life together. You ready?"