This Year's Love

I melt when I hear David Gray's soulful voice belt out "This Year's Love".  The first time I heard it I became an instant fan of his, but to this day "This Year's Love" is still my fave.  So in honor of the poetic words in his song and the new year (I'm a little late with the calendar year, so I'm going by the Chinese Lunar Year), here's my last and this years' loves Ten Loves in 2010 1. My new little nieces and nephews! All five of them 2. Successfully traveling at every month, totaling a third of the year 3. The love connection I made with my Canon 5D markii and 16-35mm lens. <3 4. Avoiding bad weather. :) 5. Discovering the best coffee shop ever, Epicenter Cafe, on 4th & Harrison in San Francisco 6. Discovering the runner up coffee shop, Zocalo 7. Successfully googling "red-headed boyfriend" and finding my boyfriend. ;) 8. Crossing several things off my bucket list including, adventuring in the rain forest 9. Going to Haiti and the Dominican Republic to help with earthquake relief 10. Finding time to read consistently

Eleven (hopeful) Loves in 2011 1. Returning to Europe 2. Visiting the cousin in the motherland (China) 3. Reading a book a month. (I'm falling behind for January!) 4. Finishing two sketchbooks 5. Booking tons of clients in 2011 6. Buy a new lens! 7. Returning to New York at least twice! (hopefully in the fall!) 8. Reuniting with Miss Elizabeth Lee! 9. Starting some new business endeavors! 10. Going on a walkabout in Australia 11. Carrying my heart on my sleeve.