Day 215: Pumpkin Patch.

The colors of fall are so amazing. Autumn is my favorite season and it never fails to amaze me in beauty. It's so interesting how fall is colored by dying plants, but yet those browns, reds, yellows and oranges are so brilliant... more brilliant than the greens and colors of spring. I love fall. And aren't the colors of these pumpkins just the perfect color? 329day215


"Live what you love". I've been reading hijirik's blog, heartfish, for quite some time. I follow her as she takes letterpress classes and designs her unique paper goods. She made this print a bit ago, but sold out. Now that she's made a fourth edition, I'm so excited to own one for myself. "Live what you love" resonates with me. So much so that I plastered the words to my desktop picture. It's so inspiring. Thanks Hijirik for sharing these beautiful prints with us!

Read more about this print at Hijirik's blog

Tree Inspiration

I am really inspired by this work by Sam Spenser. I really love trees--staring at them, drawing them, photographing, sitting below them...etc. I am inspired by seeing public art installations like this one above. The bright yellow umbrellas pay homage to the fallen leaves that were once on the tree, but simultaneously give a vibrant sort of life back to it's leafless limbs.

These pictures were taken by warholuva and originally posted on Apartment Therapy