A lovely end.

writing + editing + reformatting + reading + the still, quiet echo of my thoughts.... an absolutely lovely end to a day

Sunday began my third week of traveling. My good spirits have found me in the crisp North Carolina autumn. In two days I'll headd to the city where my heart always returns, New York. Where my friends live. Where I can dress up for an every day excursion. Where I lose myself in coffee shops, back alleys and the rhythm of moving people. The upcoming months bring excitement and projects. I'll be inundated (thank goodness!) with work, and relaxed by fun holiday projects, road trips, a man friend, new nieces and nephews, crafting and the most anticipated.... family time.

I am in love with life.

Day 215: Pumpkin Patch.

The colors of fall are so amazing. Autumn is my favorite season and it never fails to amaze me in beauty. It's so interesting how fall is colored by dying plants, but yet those browns, reds, yellows and oranges are so brilliant... more brilliant than the greens and colors of spring. I love fall. And aren't the colors of these pumpkins just the perfect color? 329day215

Day 035: Let It Snow!

128day035 I went to the snow to today for first time since 2002 when I went for the real first time. I went up the lift fearing I wouldn't be able to pick up snowboarding like I did the first time. Afterall, that very first time I learned to snowboard I was in great shape and YOUNG. After falling down the first half of the slope and getting super frustrated, I picked myself up and just like that, I was snowboarding. It was a real great experience. The snow was beautiful, and I must say that I was super cute in my weird looking snow cap.

Changing Seasons

Growing up in California, the changing seasons have eluded me for twenty-four years. More than anything is my love for trees, the forest and all things outdoors. In hopes of finding my changing seasons, I've traveled to follow the snow, searched for the fall in trees and longed for the ocean mist. But somehow, when I stopped following, stopped searching, stopped longing.... I found it. 093trees01



Who knew walking the dog in 40-50 degree weather through a business part could (temporarily) satisfy this desire! Needless to say, the past couple of days have been simply wonderful.

Once again I am thankful for so much. enlightening talks with new friends fabulous finds at Michael's almond green milk teas chocolate covered pretzels twister hot chocolate

God is good. =) Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!