Day 215: Pumpkin Patch.

The colors of fall are so amazing. Autumn is my favorite season and it never fails to amaze me in beauty. It's so interesting how fall is colored by dying plants, but yet those browns, reds, yellows and oranges are so brilliant... more brilliant than the greens and colors of spring. I love fall. And aren't the colors of these pumpkins just the perfect color? 329day215

trusty shoes

Do any of you have a pair of great shoes? Now I'm talking about those kinds of shoes you wear when you know you're going to be walking a lot or that pair that you instantly think of when you starting picking out your outfit for you relaxing day? Well... these babies are those shoes for me!

These are brown and baby blue checkered slip-on vans. I swear by these babies! I didn't even want them. They're not the shoes that I had been eyeing in stores or admiring on other people's shoes. They were on sale, but I didn't even buy them because of that. My friend, Ed, wanted another pair of Vans slip ons, and there was a two for $40 or something kind of sale. I bought my pair so that he could get the discount.

Needless to say, whether the reasons were that I bought the shoes... I've been in love with them since...

They've... - seen the beach - been to Europe - been to Japan - been to New York - walked me home from my architecture studios at the wee hours of the mornings - climbed mountains - touched the Aegean Sea

Oh how I love these. If any of you are traveling... buy these shoes. They have lots of colors and patterns. I've had these for about three years, and they've been real good to me.