octane coffee

Octane Coffee reminds me a bit of my life back in California.  A coffee shop with a bit of edgy, hipster attitude complimented by industrial styling.  It was love at-first-rolling-steel-shutters, reminiscent of that time I visited acclaimed architect, Barton Myers', Montecito home.  To top it off, it even has a bar, complete with bearded, hipster men (possibly hiding tattoo sleeves under their chambray shirts) serving up microbrews and speakeasy-worthy cocktails.

Octane is a little breath of fresh air amongst the college atmosphere I'm accustomed to.  Instead, you might find the reader, the creative and the occasional diligent studier.  And, ironically, I've not seen so many Asian Americans in my total time living here than I did that one time I went to Octane. So pretty much, I've found my Birmingham "Secret Headquarters of Magical Thinking" (a nod to all those who may follow me on instagram).

p.s. Their Chai Latte is fantastic… the best I've had in Birmingham so far.


Octane Coffee. 2821 Central Ave #105, Homewood, AL 35209. March 21, 2015 | Fuji x100s & iPhone 6